Economic Evaluation and Survey of Benefits of New Road Building for Transit from Sarbisheh Road to Frontier Market of Mile 78 Project for Southern Khorasan Province

میرزایی میرزایی؛ احمد صباحی؛ باقری باقری

دوره 16، شماره 28 ، اسفند 1388

  The purpose of this article is to provide economic evaluation of Sarbisheh road to frontier market of mile 78 ( Southern Khorasan Province) and analysis its social- economic effects. So, first survey of this cases, such as: region characters of case study (Southern Khorasan Province and Sarbisheh town), path present situation of case study, 3 sectional recommended path of researcher, analysis of construction and improvement costs of this sectional recommended path compare with benefits of upward mobility of technical mobility paths. Then, presented cost- benefits analysis of project that include: ...  بیشتر