Prediction Crude Oil Supply in the Eleven Producing Countries: Use of Neural Networks and Linear Regression (1980-2006)

شکیبایی شکیبایی؛ نظام آبادی پور نظام آبادی پور؛ حسینی حسینی

دوره 16، شماره 27 ، آبان 1388

  Most oligopolistic models in the oil market begin with the assumption that OPEC is a cartel. Successive increases in oil prices during recent years, and OPEC’s inability to regularize the oil market fortifies the possibility of the existence of competitive behavior in the oil market. Now, with regard to the intense fluctuations in the oil market, prediction of oil supply for politicians and oil companies is important. In the recent years, use of neural networks, along with econometrical methods, of forecasting of economic variables is a norm. Because neural networks have, exclusive characteristics ...  بیشتر