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Original Article Financial monetary economy
The Comparison of the Impact of Momentum and the Memory of Past Market Turbulence on the Current Turbulence of Financial Markets with an Emphasis on Cryptocurrencies: MGARCH Model

Eisa Abbasi; Taymoor Mohamadi; Seyed Shamsedin Hosseini

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 1-34


    1- INTRODUCTION Considering that cryptocurrencies exhibit commodity characteristics such as demand shocks, high price fluctuations, etc., cryptocurrencies can be compared with the behavior of the gold and oil markets (except when there is uncertainty about the supply conditions of gold and oil. ...  Read More

Original Article Financial monetary economy
Studying the Effect of Monetary Policies on Exchange Rate and its Effects on Total Welfare (Application of Recursive Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium)

Elham Dehghani; Ali Raeispour Rajabali; Seied Abdolmajed Jalaee Esfandabadi

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 35-67


   1- INTRODUCTIONWelfare is one of the main men needs which economist and policy makers can tack appropriate planning and policies with true cognition from the effect of government policies on welfare. Generally, it is argued that the goal of monetary policies is making economic stability and remaining ...  Read More

Original Article Financial monetary economy
Investigation the Effect of Open Market Operations on the Stability of Macroeconomic Variables in Iran, Emphasizing the Sanctions Conditions

Mehdi Kholousi Sadegh; Parviz Davoodi; Mohammadreza Sezavar

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 68-98


  1- INTRODUCTION Achieving macroeconomic stability is one of the main issues of policymakers in developed and developing economies, especially in Iran. In order to create stability in the economy, one of the important and efficient tools are the monetary policies that are used in direct and indirect ...  Read More

Original Article Financial monetary economy
The Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks from the Exchange Rate Channel on the Health of Iran's Banking System

Farhad Sharifi Bagha; Jafar Haghighat; Zahra Karimi Takanlou

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 99-134


   1- INTRODUCTIONMonetary policy, as one of the most important economic tools that affects various economic variables through different channels and with different speed and intensity, has always been the attention of the responsible authorities of countries, especially developing countries like ...  Read More

پژوهشی Financial monetary economy
Investigation of the Nonlinear Behavior of Real Exchange Rate in Iran

Niloofar Afkhami Rad; Taghi Ebrahimi Salari; Mehdi Behnameh; Mohammad Javad Gorjipour

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 135-163


    1- INTRODUCTION The enabling factor for entering the process of globalization is the creation of a competitive enviroment. The goal is to achieve competitive power through growth, development, and improvement in the quality of life. Competitiveness is the foundation for the economic growth of ...  Read More

Original Article Financial monetary economy
Investigation the Effect of Mandatory Facilities on Inflation in the Iranian Economy by using the VAR model

Sayed Abolfazl Vaziri; Abbas Yazdani; Mahdi Sadeghi

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 164-200


    1- INTRODUCTION Compulsory loan and its macroeconomic effects, especially its effect on inflation, have always been discussed by economists in Iran. In the current research, the effect of credit compulsory loan on inflation has been evaluated. In order to estimate the model we used data from ...  Read More

پژوهشی Financial Economics
Effectiveness of the Financial Structure of Listed Companies from New Islamic Financing Instruments

Ahmad Agheli; Seyyed Ali Paytakhti Oskooe; Nader Mehregan; Monireh Dizaji

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 201-232


    1- INTRODUCTION Considering the role of the capital market in the economy of countries and studying the performance of this market has a particular importance. One of the factors that affect the performance of the capital market is the decisions made regarding the financial structure of companies’ ...  Read More

Original Article Capital markets
Corporate Governance and Aggressive Business Strategy of Companies

Mohammad Hosein Fatheh; Parisa Rahmani

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 233-260


    1- INTRODUCTION The business strategy of companies plays an essential role in achieving the company's goals, and strategies should be adopted based on the company's ability, resources, and goals. Choosing the wrong strategy can jeopardize the interests of the stakeholders and the company. As ...  Read More

Original Article Valuation of companies
Investigation of the Moderating Role of the Firm's Growth Opportunities and Profitability on the Value Relevance of Risk Sentiment of Annual Reports with a Dynamic Approach

Akram Taftiyan; Majid Sarayani

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 261-290


    1- INTRODUCTION An indicator of investors' trading behavior that affects asset prices is investor sentiment. Investor sentiment is known as a degree of investor's optimistic mood in financial markets. Company-specific investor sentiments have a significant impact on the risk of a stock price ...  Read More

Original Article Financial Economics
The Nonlinear Effects of Globalization and Inflation Components on Financial Development in Iran: Markov Switching Approach (with Emphasis on Banking Credits)

Mahdi Jalili; Elnaz Entezar; Tahereh Akhoondzadeh Yousefi; Mohammad Sokhanvar

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 291-313


  1- INTRODUCTION Undoubtedly, it is possible to achieve long-term and continuous economic growth in any country by equipping and optimally allocating investment resources in the national economy of that country, and the role of developed financial markets is necessary to achieve this goal. In fact, the ...  Read More

Original Article Entrepreneurship
Designing the Entrepreneurial Model of Technological Businesses in the Banking Industry with the Approach of Structural-Interpretive Equations

Maryam Mashhadiabdol; Davood Samari; Majid Ashrafi; Ebrahim Abbasi

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 314-347


    1- INTRODUCTION Financial technology will transform traditional financial markets, especially banks, by taking advantage of innovation. The purpose of this research is to present an entrepreneurial model regarding the subject of this research. The research is exploratory in terms of its applied ...  Read More

پژوهشی Financial monetary economy
Assessing the Relationship between Commercial Risk and Volume of Opening of Letter of Credit in Iran International Trade Logistic Smooth Transition Regression Approach

Farzaneh Sadeghi goorabi; Saleh Ghavidel; Mirhosein Moosavi

Volume 30, Issue 25 , July 2023, Pages 348-378


  1- INTRODUCTION Choosing the appropriate method of financing and transferring funds to manage business risks is a primary concern for international traders. Therefore, the factors that influence payment method and tool selection in international trade have long been a topic of interest to financial ...  Read More