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Economic Evaluation of Electricity Generation Using Wind Energy by the Private Sectorin Iran

Mahmood Hooshmsnd; Seyyed Hamed Hosseini

Volume 21, Issue 8 , January 2015, , Pages 85-106


  Abstract Increasing needsofenergy, is one of thefundamentalissuesinhumanlifeand governments areplanningto preparation these needsthroughvarious sourcesof energy. Despitetheimportance offossilsourcesofenergysupplyfor different uses, different factors such as negative environmental consequences resulting ...  Read More

Causality Relationship between Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and Prices: using Panel Data OPEC Member Countries

Mohmood Hoshmand; Mohammad Daneshnia; Ali Sotudeh; Azam Ghezelbash

Volume 20, Issue 5 , April 2013, , Pages 233-255


  Always economic growth is one of the most important indicates for economic development. Thus, more production is important and effective way to achieve economic development. In The other hand energy production is considered as the one of the inputs. This study, examines the causality relationship between ...  Read More

Performance Analysis of Companies, Transferred to Private Sector (through stock exchange) During the Third Development Plan

Mahmood Hoshmand; Mohammad Farmanbar; Mohammad Keivanfar

Volume 17, Issue 33 , January 2011


  Privatization is a process in which the ownership of governmental economic enterprises is transferred to private sector. According to other countries’ experiences and discussed economic theories over the past decades, privatization has improved the performance of companies and economic enterprises. ...  Read More